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Social Fabric was produced by Los Angeles-based Citizen Jones, the production company founded by award-winners Jonas Bell Pasht and Jonah Bekhor that brings cinematic style and storytelling to nonfiction entertainment on television, movie screens and new digital platforms. Combining a guerrilla, verité documentary style with highly cinematic elements, Social Fabric delivers fresh and original visuals and an eclectic soundtrack that amps the energy. Through 12 episodes, Ng travels the world – from Kenya to Scotland and from Tokyo to Texas – to explore themes around different types of fabric or apparel including Plaid, Cowboy Boots, the Fedora, the Leather Jacket, Crazy Pants, Jeans, the Suit, the T-Shirt, Bling, Sneakers, Sacred Threads and Camouflage. One-eyed Jack managed the campaign in South Africa with  LA-based stylist and designer Stay Fly Thrash as he toured the country to promote the series in which he features.