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What’s more terrifying than being a newcomer comedian? Being a newcomer comedian with five minutes on stage to impress some of SA’s biggest names in comedy. This is the annual Savanna Newcomer Showcase where24 budding, talented comics from across the country take to the stage to deliver five minutes of stand-up, all in the hopes of being voted as the Savanna Newcomer of the Year. This platform was created by longstanding comedy partners Savanna Premium Cider and the Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards to give these emerging comedians their time to shine, as well as giving comedy heavyweights, media and potential booking agents a chance to see the next big thing in comedy. Initiated by Savanna and created by the founders of The Annual South African Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards®, the Savanna Newcomer Showcase is a pre-event in the build-up to the main award ceremony which takes place in September. Why was it created? Votes for the newcomer category come from the comedy industry, but how do they know who to vote for if they’ve never seen the newcomers perform? Savanna created this event a few years ago so that the industry can see the newcomers in action and cast an informed vote.