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As the brand’s PR agency, we created solid always-on PR campaigns that spoke to Ballantine’s brand philosophy of Stay True and profiling the brand’s alignment with music as part of it's DNA. Our communication campaigns ran across all the brand’s various events and activations, such as Stay True Labs, True Music Series, Boiler Room and national Ballantine’s Stay True x Black Motion tours. All events featured the brand strongly and spoke to artists who embodied the Stay True messaging and did art their way without compromise. Over the years, we have worked with the brand team to elevate the Ballantine’s brand name and equity to become the go-to whisky in the country. Our approach to, and the execution of, the various PR campaigns was recognised by Ballantine’s global in London as a best practice case study -- and used to inform future campaigns in Poland and Spain.

Ballantine’s Whisky, Pernod Ricard South Africa.

Our Role

Brand PR and communications, influencer campaigns, reputation management, strategy, copywriting.