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The events industry came to an abrupt end with the announcement of nationwide lockdowns in March 2020. The already underserved arts and entertainment sector, which employs thousands across technical production crews, artists and event specialists, was decimated within months. Every cog in the billion-rand sector was affected with little hope of resurrection.   With no foreseeable aid and restorative action coming from government, the industry was left to fend for itself. With the sad reality that thousands were unable to put food on tables, a group of artists, technical staff, event promoters and agencies came together to form #LightSARed.   #LightSARed needed to create awareness to keep the industry alive:
  • The aim was to act as a legitimate and collective voice of the industry.
  • To engage the Minister the of the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation and get a “seat at the table”.
  • To highlight the industry’s efforts to safely reopen.
With every industry effected, it was going to be challenging getting media attention and awareness for one industry’s mass devastation. We needed a PR stunt to stand out: Light iconic institutions and structures red to literally highlight the industry’s plight.

Light SA Red

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